Image of Leicester Castle from the outside


This tour begins in the Crown Court. Go to the locations in the playlist and press play. Please refer to the map to help find your way around. You can take this tour in any order. Just find what interests you and listen to as much or as little as you like.

If you have any issues regarding access or mobility, you can listen to these tracks anywhere in the building.

You will require headphones. When you are ready to begin, go into the Crown Court and play the 'introduction' track.

Map of the Crown Court

When you have completed the court room tour why not discover the cells? Make your way into the dock so you can see the steep stairs to the cells. Listen to the Cells Instructions track below, and then make your way down the steps. Please be careful on these steps. Find your way around the cells using the map, and press play on the corresponding tracks to hear more interviews.