Professor Pritchard Bruckly

Hi, my name is professor Pritchard Bruckley, and I will be your guide for this family trail. Join me for some fun activities as we learn a thing or two about this amazing building. If you want to finish the trail it will take about 20 minutes, but feel free just to make a start and we can see how we get on!


You are standing in what used to be Leicester Castle’s Great Hall.

Did you know? Some of the most famous Kings and Queens have stood where you are now standing. This building has been here for over 800 years, and it has hosted parliaments, concerts and court cases attended by all kinds of important people. I’ve created a few tests. Pass my tests and I will reveal some of the Great Hall’s hidden secrets. Are you up for the challenge?

Map of the Crown Court

Let's start by testing your map reading skills. Above is a map of what the CROWN COURT used to look like. Most of it is still there, but you might notice that some parts have been removed or changed. Keeping a note of how things change over time is an important part of a historian's job! Let's find a place that we know is still there. Go into the CROWN COURT and hunt down the JURY BOX. Use the map, and when you get there press CONTINUE to carry on.