Where are you now? You are sitting where the jury would have sat. A jury is made up of 12 ordinary men and women who decide if a person is guilty. That’s a lot of responsibility. Juries are still used today and they are an important part of our justice system. 

Did you know? Leicester’s Great Hall was converted into these court rooms in 1821. They were used as the main county courts up until 1992, when they finally closed. That’s a long time, but this Hall has been here for over 800 years so this furniture is actually pretty new!

Let me tell you about one of the famous visitors who has been here...... 

KING RICHARD III was the King of England for only two years. He reigned from 1483 - 1485. During that time, he stayed occasionally here at Leicester Castle.

Richard III would have sat at a table on a raised platform enjoying a feast fit for a king. He would sit highest up, looking out over everybody from the very far end of the building. His table has gone, and this building looks very different. Back then it was just one great big hall.

Would you like to see? Press continue to see how the view has changed..