Did you know? Richard III was the last English king ever to be killed in battle. In August 1485 Richard III was fighting in a battle not very far from here. Things didn’t quite go to plan and he was killed...... His body was brought back here on a horse, and buried in Leicester. But after a while people forgot where he was. Imagine losing a king!

That was until my colleagues discovered a very old battle scarred skeleton underneath a car park very close to here. Could it really be Richard III?

Tap away at the car park signs to reveal the skeleton that lies beneath!

GOOD DIGGING! It’s hard to believe that people would forget where a king had been buried. But it really happened. A lot of people scratched their heads for a very long time trying to figure out where he was. When he was finally found it was very exciting for people in Leicester. It was about 500 years after his death that we found him. He was finally laid to rest with a very beautiful service that was held in Leicester Cathedral in 2015. And then Leicester's football team won the league! KING POWER!

You can see King Richard's tomb at the Cathedral if you would like to visit some time.

Let’s move to a new place.....

Use the map to find the Magistrate’s Seat in this courtroom. It’s high up looking out over the court room. It's pretty easy to spot! When you get there just press continue.